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Much of the church consulting on offer today is marked by the creation of new, proprietary programs; by large teams of associate consultants that are trained to sell and to run these new programs; and by constant, daily content creation (7 Signs of a Healthy Staff Culture, 10 Reasons People Leave Your Church, 5 Incredible Tools for Better Stewardship, and so on).   While these contemporary consulting approaches can be effective, our approach is intentionally different.
At our core, The Church Leadership Group is a ministry.  We want to focus primarily on what benefits you as a church leader.  Everything we do is grounded in our overall philosophy of serving pastors and leaders.
Wade Burnett, Founder and President 

As a brand new believer in college, Wade Burnett taught himself the legal system in order to research a family’s members unjust life sentence.  He eventually enrolled in law school and mobilized a nine-year effort to overturn the unjust conviction and secure a declaration of legal innocence in a nationally televised trial.  Upon graduation, Wade then established a successful litigation firm.  His work has been featured in the New York Times, ABC 20/20, NBC Dateline, Good Morning America, The Today Show, People Magazine and many other national media outlets.  

As Wade launched his new law firm, he and his wife, Amy, also began serving as bi-vocational church planters, helping birth a new church into existence from the law firm’s conference room.   As the church grew, Wade eventually retired from the practice of law and transitioned into full-time vocational ministry. One of the greatest privileges of his life was serving as a pastor of the same church for more than ten years.  
For the past five years, Wade has served as a coach and consultant to pastors, combining the insight, research and complex communication skills he developed as a nationally-recognized litigation attorney, with the personal pastoral experience and deep love for the church that the Lord shaped in him through more than a decade in the pastorate.   Wade, Amy and their three children live in Nashville, Tennessee.

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