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Jim Tomberlin

Founder and Chief Strategist

" Wade Burnett is one of those rare, exceptionally high-capacity leaders with strong relational skills. Wade is business savvy and church smart. He is a strategic thinker who knows how to get things done and bring people along in the process. Everything Wade puts his hands on succeeds — from creating a law firm, to starting a new church around his conference room table, to growing and leading a large, innovative, multisite church.  As a man of integrity with a winsome personality, people follow him easily. He helps people and organizations achieve more than they could have imagined, and he does it with humility. "


Bill Wellons, Sr. 
Fellowship Associates 

“I have worked with leaders and church planters for two decades at Fellowship Associates.  It has been my great privilege to watch Wade transition from a lawyer to a pastor. He has a deep heart for the church, and he is passionate about using his considerable gifts to help others. I highly recommend him.” 


E. Joseph Bleich

Justice, LA Supreme Court (Ret.)

" Wade and I started a law firm together and were partners for a number of years. In my nearly forty years in law and in government leadership, I have had the opportunity to interact with numerous people of superior intellect.  Of those, there are only a small few that I would put in Wade’s category. He can almost instantly recognize the core of any problem and its solution. Despite this gift, though, he never thinks of himself as superior to others.  He can engage deeply on the most intellectual of matters, then turn just moments later and explain the same subject in clear and simple terms to people who need him.  He is one of the most talented, honest and dedicated people I have ever known. "

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James Skinner


" I have been in church leadership and ministry for 28 years and have been privileged to work with many great leaders and great churches in big cities and in small towns.  I worked alongside Wade for ten of those years, and Wade is as gifted in leadership as anybody I have worked with in ministry.  He leads not only with his head, but also with his heart. "


William Corbett

V. Chancellor

" I have known Wade in two capacities:  as his law school professor and as an administrator.  When I taught Mr. Burnett, he earned the highest grade in my class.  As an administrator, I have observed Wade’s ability, adaptability, creativity and incredible perseverance.  He is a person who has been tested under some of life’s most difficult circumstances, and he has succeeded. "

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Aaron Gable

Senior Pastor

" Wade was an invaluable source of wisdom as our church faced one of the biggest decisions we’ve ever made. He gave us the counsel and objectivity we needed, and it was obvious to our leadership team that we were talking with a guy who had been in our shoes. If you are facing a big decision, you need to talk with Wade. He has a true passion for the Church and he will serve you well. "

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Andy Addis

Senior Pastor

"Wade Burnett has the uncanny ability to get people to see things the right way. His skills from the legal world have translated into an amazing ability to collect, process and disseminate meaningful trends and practices. Every time he speaks I am compelled to take notes. Time with Wade will make your ministry better!"

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Darin Yates

Executive Pastor

"It is beautiful when consultants deliver more than promised and more than expected. Throughout our history with multisite and especially with our recent merger with another megachurch in a different state, Wade Burnett has been many steps ahead of us, guiding us with wisdom, grace, and patience. We are a fast-moving church. Wade recognized that and adapted his process and guidance to meet our needs and our timing. I have been thoroughly impressed with Wade and now consider him a friend and co-laborer. I would recommend him to anyone navigating the uncertainty of launching new sites, expanding beyond a few sites to many sites, or considering a merger or adoption with another church."

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David Platt

Senior Teaching Pastor

"Wade Burnett has been used by God in a powerful way at Mclean Bible Church. God has given him real wisdom to deal with some significant challenges facing our church, and he has had perfect timing and counsel to lead us through big changes in multisite, succession and more. His demeanor and candor have been invaluable in helping us get to a place of genuine unity. More than that, Wade has also become a friend to me, to our board of elders and to all of our senior staff. We are incredibly grateful for his ministry here to all of us."

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Jeremy Havlin

Senior Pastor

"Wade Burnett led the merger conversation between our church and another local church body in Simpsonville, South Carolina. Without him the merger would not have been possible. Over the course of several months Wade guided each of our church’s governing bodies with grace, genuine concern, and discernment. Wade was able to speak the truth with love in a disarming way that enabled our church merger to thrive. I believe Wade Burnett to be a great asset to God’s kingdom through serving the Church."

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Chairman of the Elder Board

"Wade Burnett’s contribution to the senior leadership of our church - with our multiple campuses, a high-profile succession process and numerous other ministries - has been of inestimable value. Wade has helped us navigate our way forward and avoid many potential snags and difficulties through his wise counsel. He is truly gifted by God for the work he is doing and I highly recommend his services for any church or other organization."


Chad Merrell

Campus Pastor

"Wade’s visit and coaching has been key in our development of a comprehensive Multiplication Strategy that will allow us to better fulfill our vision of impacting the Northeast Louisiana Region. Wade has been a true ministry partner, always accessible, always able to coach us to points of clarity and decision. No way we would be ready to launch our third campus next year without his help.  More than that, he has become a trusted friend."


Glen Schneiders

Senior Pastor of the former

Crossroads Christian Church

"Put simply, without the wise counsel and strategic input of Wade Burnett, we would not have accomplished the merger between our two churches. The thorough assessment of the two churches provided by Wade gave our leaders the confidence to continue forward with the merger conversation. His timeline and strategic plan for merger was invaluable to us and helped our congregation reach a vote of 86% in favor of the merge. I would not hesitate to call Wade for advice in the future. He is a trusted colleague and friend."


 Jay Brenneman


" In my 35 years of coaching and consulting with business owners and pastors and non-profit executives, I have found precious few who can see both the forest and the trees. Not so with Wade Burnett. He engages the highest level of systems thinking and strategic planning with ease, then carries a sixth sense for execution and implementation.  He applies this unique ability to his own life as well.  I would be hard pressed to find a leader in any sector – and Wade has served in almost all of them – who is more committed to personal growth and transformation than Wade. "


Bob Seymore

"Wade brings the ability to synthesize the data and the national landscape into patterns and strategic modeling. Time with him will help any leader step back and gain perspective on how to implement missional multisite in their city and beyond. This multisite movement is evolving and it is critical that church leaders stay in the know for maximum impact. Wade is at the heart of this transition and an essential resource to every kingdom leader wanting to multiply their church’s impact."

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