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Strategies will only go as far as your people can take them.  To that end, we offer staffing assessments and training for churches who are pursuing our organizational assessments, multisite transitions or our missional launch process.  We have developed an eye for the kinds of leaders that are needed in certain kinds of roles, and we want to serve you by providing you with an honest, outside perspective of your team.  

In addition, churches ask us over and over again whether we know anyone who might be a good fit for their team.  And every year, we help multiple leaders transition into roles that are a better fit for their gifting, passions and seasons of life.  While there are a number of search firms available to provide in-depth (and costly!) staff searches, we also want to offer a more informal (and hopefully cost-effective) way to connect with your potential new team.  If you are a church that has worked with us before, you have an added advantage:  we know you, we know your team and we know your culture.  This in-depth knowledge of your church helps us connect you only to those potential new hires that would be a great fit. 

All posted positions are hosted on our Staffing Page and included in the quarterly Church Leadership Journal.  If we receive a résumé with potential, we also forward that directly to you.  

All résumés received are kept in complete confidence unless and until you give us permission to release your résumé to a specific church team for a specific role.  If you initiate or evaluate a transition as part of our larger work with your church, we will continue to help you for as long as it takes until you are placed in a new position.  



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